Strangers in Cerilia

The Attempted Assassination of the Partriarch

Lord Nicholas Duverne woke up ecstatic that his hired bodyguards had saved him from being bloodtheft by the Terror. He insisted they take the body of the failed assassin to Elinie's capital city of Ansion in order show the rest of the nobility of his innocence. He had maintained his innocence prior and now had the real culprit brought to justice.

The PCs escorted the Lord to Ansion and presented the body of the Terror to the court of the Patriarch. Instead of Patriarch Assan ibn Daouta they speak before his daught Kalilah. Kalilah is holding court for her father (badly) while the Patriarch is out hunting. After celebrating their exploits, she informs them that the Patriarch has heard of their adventure and wishes to meet them in person.

On their journey to meet the Patriarch, the come across villagers being attacked by goblins. They leap to their aid and with the help of a local paladin, put out the burning house and defeat the goblin threat. Nearby Knights of the Lances of Dawn arrive in time to help with the fire and see to protecting the other villagers in need.

The PCs finally arrive on the scene of the Patriarch's hunting party. It is a chaotic scene with horses and riders flushing out foxes while the Patriarch uses his pet falcon to catch quail. As the PCs make small talk with the Patriarch, Knights in the garb of the Lances of Dawn attack.

The PC save the Patriarch from the would be assassins and track the party back to an abandoned mill. They see a cloak figure and try to follow him. The cloaked figure escapes through portal to the shadow world. Inside the mill, the PCs find evidence that the cloaked figure was working for the Gorgon.


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