Strangers in Cerilia

The Young Duke

Anakis Nathrezim and her family readied their Manor house for a royal visit from Patriarch Assan ibn Dauota and the secretive Duriene Peracain aka the Second Swamp Mage. Finally, William Moergen arrives under attack from Trolls and Troglodytes. The PCs rush to the defense of the young Duke and his allies.

William and Assan then meet all day before coming to an accord. The PCs will help William in his efforts to regain his throne while the Second Swamp Mage helps protect Elinie from foreign arcane meddling.

The PCs begin their task by escorting William back to his hideout in Osoerde. On the way, the PCs discover that William is wearing cursed leather armor that attracts monsters to him. Swamp monsters continue to hunt William while the PCs do their best as bodyguards.

Swamp Mages

The PCs return to Ansien, the capital city of Elinie, for Haelyn's Festival which takes place on the day of the summer solstice. Torni begins her ministry of the new Ansien Shrine to Laerme in the temple of Avanlee for the festivities. The Patriarch, Assan ibn Dauota, asks the PCs to find the Swamp Mage that is rumored to be hiding in Hope's Demise. Elinie does not have a True Mage capable of casting Realm Magic which has the Patriarch worried about the security of Elinie.

Dame Anakis Nathrezim hails from Hope's Demise and agrees to lead the others to her old stomping grounds in order to find this so called Swamp Mage. Anakis uses her old contacts to find a modest hut in the middle of the swampy marshes that rumors state is home to a crazy old wizard.

This crazy old wizard eventually agrees to treat with Anakis and the others. Once Anakis begins negotiations on behalf of the Patriarch, the old wizard reveals that he is not the Swamp Mage as they thought. He introduces himself as Duriene Peracain. Duriene has stolen the name of Swamp Mage in jest and to sow confusion against the usurper Duke Jaison Raenech and his arcane ally, the original Swamp Mage. Those who know of Duriene's deception will use the nom de guerre of Second Swamp Mage to avoid said confusion.

Duriene remains loyal to William Moergen, the rightful heir to the Dukedom of Osoerde. Duriene has been using his magical influence to help keep William alive and hidden from Raenech. Duriene wishes for the Patriarch to meet secretly with William and will offer his arcane services in exchange. Anakis offers her family's manor house for the meeting.

The Attempted Assassination of the Partriarch

Lord Nicholas Duverne woke up ecstatic that his hired bodyguards had saved him from being bloodtheft by the Terror. He insisted they take the body of the failed assassin to Elinie's capital city of Ansion in order show the rest of the nobility of his innocence. He had maintained his innocence prior and now had the real culprit brought to justice.

The PCs escorted the Lord to Ansion and presented the body of the Terror to the court of the Patriarch. Instead of Patriarch Assan ibn Daouta they speak before his daught Kalilah. Kalilah is holding court for her father (badly) while the Patriarch is out hunting. After celebrating their exploits, she informs them that the Patriarch has heard of their adventure and wishes to meet them in person.

On their journey to meet the Patriarch, the come across villagers being attacked by goblins. They leap to their aid and with the help of a local paladin, put out the burning house and defeat the goblin threat. Nearby Knights of the Lances of Dawn arrive in time to help with the fire and see to protecting the other villagers in need.

The PCs finally arrive on the scene of the Patriarch's hunting party. It is a chaotic scene with horses and riders flushing out foxes while the Patriarch uses his pet falcon to catch quail. As the PCs make small talk with the Patriarch, Knights in the garb of the Lances of Dawn attack.

The PC save the Patriarch from the would be assassins and track the party back to an abandoned mill. They see a cloak figure and try to follow him. The cloaked figure escapes through portal to the shadow world. Inside the mill, the PCs find evidence that the cloaked figure was working for the Gorgon.

The Terror

A nobleman by the name of Nicholas Duverne hires the PCs as bodyguards. The escort Lord Duverne to his ancestral home where a funeral is being held for the Lord's father and older brother. Rumors fly that it was Nicholas who had the two killed to become lord. These rumors lead the staff to quit their posts rather than working for the new Lord. Soon all the guests leave and its just the PCs and Lord Duverne in the manor house.

That night, an assassin made of living shadow sneaks through the locked doors and tries to assault Lord Duverne. The PCs rally to the lord and repel the shadow and his hounds. The next day, the PCs research in the Lord's library about a local ghost story. A former ambassador for the Patriarch of Elinie gave into his Azrai bloodline and became an Awnsheghlien known as the Terror.

Further reading suggests his ability to put out torch light. The PCs purchase lanterns and oil in hopes to prevent a blackout in case the Terror returns. Their efforts paid off later that night when the Terror returned. Their strategic use of hooded lanterns forced the Terror to retreat towards the stable. Torni caught up and successfully bloodtheft the Terror.

Goblin Deserters

Goblins deserters from Markazor have taken up residence in the swamps of [[Hope's Demise]], in the northeastern province of Elinie. The Patriarch of Elinie, Assan ibn Daouta has placed a reward for the kill or capture of these goblin deserters. Several adventurers head the call and agree to join forces.


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