Assan ibn Daouta rules Elinie. He is an old man of strict nature. Assan still enjoys the occasional hunting trip. Assan is the Patriarch of a family of Khinasi paladins. Assan has not declared an heir yet. The Patriarch has three sons and three daughters, all paladins, striving to carry out the goddess Avani's will. Though they compete to become heir, they feel no animosity toward each other; they know the Patriarch will choose whoever acquits themselves best.

His ancestor came to Anuire in the company of Khinasi raiders (assassins, really) some 700 years ago. Their mission was to investigate how to break Anuire's hold on their homeland. Though they only made it as far as Eline, they saw enough to make them realize it would be no simple matter to dissolve the Empire.

While resupplying in Elinie for the trip back to Khinasi, they learned that the corrupt rule of the kingdom was destroying the land. Daouta ibn Hamoud, a scion of Khinasi, slew the regent, assumed the mantle of rulership of Elinie, and set about building a family and a dynasty.

Now, after 700 years of ruling Elinie, the Daouta family has given up most Khinasi traditions, but their dark brown skin marks their ethnic derivation.


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