Strangers in Cerilia

The Young Duke

Anakis Nathrezim and her family readied their Manor house for a royal visit from Patriarch Assan ibn Dauota and the secretive Duriene Peracain aka the Second Swamp Mage. Finally, William Moergen arrives under attack from Trolls and Troglodytes. The PCs rush to the defense of the young Duke and his allies.

William and Assan then meet all day before coming to an accord. The PCs will help William in his efforts to regain his throne while the Second Swamp Mage helps protect Elinie from foreign arcane meddling.

The PCs begin their task by escorting William back to his hideout in Osoerde. On the way, the PCs discover that William is wearing cursed leather armor that attracts monsters to him. Swamp monsters continue to hunt William while the PCs do their best as bodyguards.


derekstodghill derekstodghill

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