Strangers in Cerilia

The Terror

A nobleman by the name of Nicholas Duverne hires the PCs as bodyguards. The escort Lord Duverne to his ancestral home where a funeral is being held for the Lord's father and older brother. Rumors fly that it was Nicholas who had the two killed to become lord. These rumors lead the staff to quit their posts rather than working for the new Lord. Soon all the guests leave and its just the PCs and Lord Duverne in the manor house.

That night, an assassin made of living shadow sneaks through the locked doors and tries to assault Lord Duverne. The PCs rally to the lord and repel the shadow and his hounds. The next day, the PCs research in the Lord's library about a local ghost story. A former ambassador for the Patriarch of Elinie gave into his Azrai bloodline and became an Awnsheghlien known as the Terror.

Further reading suggests his ability to put out torch light. The PCs purchase lanterns and oil in hopes to prevent a blackout in case the Terror returns. Their efforts paid off later that night when the Terror returned. Their strategic use of hooded lanterns forced the Terror to retreat towards the stable. Torni caught up and successfully bloodtheft the Terror.


derekstodghill derekstodghill

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